✞ Queen's Hearts Catch To Alice ✞ ⒸNemmesea« Attribution

"憎しみ は 血 を 巡って
身体 は すり減った"
"Trembling with fear before the conflict,
An angel will descend"
"Temblando de miedo ante el conflicto,
un ángel descenderá"

P.Nem & Thais

1.BACKDROP: Made for me*
2.PROPS: Made for me*
-----------------------------------------------------OUTFIT NEM (Heart's Queen):::.

-----------------------------------------------------OUTFIT THAIS (Alice):::.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION* All the content is in the Marketplace and on the world. All the item are safety and don't waste you money. :)

Programs & Materials:
-Wacom Intous Pro

I hope that like it!



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