✞The Rose & The Vampire✞ ⒸNemmesea« Attribution

"I have no fear of discord
Even if everyone hates me
I'll act on my own judgment
Hit me, if you want to
If once I compromise
I'm as good as dead
If you want to control me
You must first defeat me"
"No tengo miedo a la discordia
Aunque todos me odien
Actuaré según mi propio criterio
Pégame, si quieres hacerlo
Si una vez me comprometo
Estoy tan bien como muerto
Si me quieres controlar
Primero debes vencerme a mí"


1.BACKDROP: By me*
2.POSE & PROPS: Marilyn Chair

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION* All the content is in the Marketplace and on the world. All the item are safety and don't waste you money. :)

Programs & Materials:
-Wacom Intous Pro

I hope that like it!



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