✞ I can feel the End ✞ ⒸNemmesea« Attribution

"Neglecting existence repulse and repent,
An endless journey into the morbid.
Whispering voices distorting all senses,
Buried beneath a scarred heart for too long".
"Abandono la existencia repulsa y arrepiente,
Un viaje interminable hacia lo mórbido.
Voces susurrantes que distorsionan todos los sentidos,
Enterrado bajo un corazón con cicatrices durante demasiado tiempo".


1. BACKDROP: Made by me*
2. POSE: Made by me*
3. PROPS: Rosary Beads {Red}

----------------------------------------------------- OUTFIT ::.
1. HEADGEAR: - PENDULUM - The Emissary Gold & Silver
2. POULDRONS: [NC] - Roses Armor - Pauldrons Black GACHA 

----------------------- ATTENTION* All the content is in the Marketplace and on the world. All the item are safety and don't waste you money. :)

Programs & Materials:
-Wacom Intous Pro

I hope that like it!


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