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P. Chiyoko & Midori

"As long as you find someone dominating, you can defeat him. A beginning, for an end".
"Mientras halla alguien dominando, puedes derrotarlo. Un principio, para un fin".

----------------------------------------------------- SET ::: 
0. FLOATING KEYS: STARSUGAR *SS* Flying Key hook @Mainstore

CHIYOKO - Left___________________________________
0. HALBERD: Violent Seduction - Beringois Halberd #GACHA @Mainstore

1. STOLE: Violent Seduction - Bathory Stole #GACHA @Mainstore
2. GLOVES: Violent Seduction - Bathory Gloves #GACHA @Mainstore
3. BODYSUIT: CryBunBun - Breathless Corset - Fatpack @Mainstore
4. STOCKINGS + BOWS: CryBunBun - Ichika Lingerie @Mainstore
5. HEELS: CryBunBun - Alisha's Dreams Platforms @Mainstore

MIDORI - Right___________________________________
0. MANCATCHER: Violent Seduction - Beringois Mancatcher #GACHA @Mainstore

1. CROWN: STAR SUGAR *SS* - Crown of Lore @Mainstore
2. COLLAR: Sweet Thing. Kiki Collar @Mainstore
3. STOLE#1: Insomnia Angel . fur stole & cherry rosette @Mainstore
4. STOLE#2: {le fil casse} Whitney Collection Fur Stole #GACHA @Mainstore
5. LACE CUFFS: Sweet Thing. Lolita Lace Cuffs @Mainstore
6. BODYSUIT: Sweet Thing. Amalthea Bodysuit RARE #GACHA @Mainstore
7. STOCKINGS: Sweet Thing. Elizabeth Stockings @Mainstore
8. TAIL: Sweet Thing. Lilith Tail (Bento) @Mainstore

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION* All the content is in the Marketplace and on the world. All the item are safety and don't waste you money. :)

Programs & Materials:
-Wacom Intous Pro

I hope that like it!
Thanks so much for see me! ^.^


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