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P. Itsuka

"Rebels, traitors, antisocial, criminals, drug addicts, thieves, nerds, weirdos...
That’s what they like to call us: "the idyllic and perfect society".

We prefer to call ourselves renegades or lone wolves, mercenaries and leaders of our own existence, soul, brain and freedom. We are our own gods, kings, politicians and saviors. We are not slaves, nor sheep of anyone".
"Rebeldes, traidores, antisociales, criminales, drogadictos, ladrones, frikis, raritos...
Así les gusta llamarnos: "la idílica y perfecta sociedad". 

Nosotros preferimos llamarnos renegados o lobos solitarios, mercenarios y líderes de nuestra propia existencia, alma, cerebro y libertad. Nosotros somos nuestros propios dioses, reyes, políticos y salvadores. No somos esclavos, ni ovejas de nadie".

----------------------------------------------------- SET:::
0.1 MAIN: .PALETO. Backdrop:.Hallway XH1 @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore
0.2 WALL: BROKEN ARROWS - Calypso Wall @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore
0.3 RACK: NOMAD // MAGAZINE RACK // CHROME @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore
1. POSE: SAPA poses 104 @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore

2. GUN: [SAC] MP7 A2 SMG v1.00 FULL Box @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore

3. COMPANION: *Drot* - Raven Companion @ [TWS] Event 

4. JACKET + SHIRT: toksik - Loner Shirt @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore
5. GLOVES: [Cubic Cherry] - Diem gloves @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore
6. PANTS: toksik - Serenade @Mainstore
7. BOOTS: Wicca's Originals - Ticha Boots @ [TWS] Event @Mainstore

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION* All the content is in the Marketplace and on the world. All the item are safety and don't waste you money. :)

Programs & Materials:
-Wacom Intous Pro

I hope that like it!
Thanks so much for see me! ^.^


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